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Startup Grind recap, Intuitive CFO

The Startup grind event took place in Muscatine on a rainy night. Despite the gloomy weather, the room filled up with a very inquisitive audience which carefuly listened to my speech, and asked many questions.

It's my firm belief that anyone can do anything if they put enough effort to it. Our previous success at WaterMelon showed just that, and it's with that experience that we're lunging ourselves into the highly competitive modern gaming market.

At one point I was asked "Why Muscatine" to which I replied "Why not?" That is the essence of where 2Dream stands, we don't believe you have to be in the West Coast in order to make a technology business, and what's more - a video game business - be successful.

Click here to watch the recorded event.

One of the attendants in this Startup Grind event was Curtis Crosier, the founder of Intuitive CFO, an outsourced service company focused on small to mid-sized organizations up to $50 Million in sales.

Curtis has 30+ years’ experience gained in leadership positions in 6 Fortune 1000 companies that include Mobile Oil, Mitsubishi Corp, Coors Brewing Company, Occidental Petroleum, AT&T, and Precision CastParts Corp, BBA Univ. of Iowa, MBA with Honors, Univ. of Colorado MBA, Passed CPA Exam.

With all these credentials, Curtis offered to help improve 2Dream's Business Plan and create a fully integrated financial model that we'll be using to pitch for our potential investors.

2Dream welcomes Curtis. We believe this will be a long lasting partnership.

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