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Concept art for "Pirate Dreams" and "Starlight Fantasy"

In the process of making a new game, documentation comes first. Then come the concept art, and that is something that we put a lot of emphasis.

In order to captivate potential investors on our presentations, as well as to show the level of quality we're aiming for, we worked with top notch graphic designers to build some illustrations and mockups.

First comes the character concept art. This sheet is used by animators in order to draw each pose for the movements that the character executes throughout a game. It also carries a lot of the character's personality.

Then comes the mock up. We choose a part of the game that we want to showcase, one that will embody the look and feel when playing the game.

Finally we develop an illustration, something like a "poster art" that transmits the general atmosphere of the game, as well as a glimpse of the main characters and enemies.

We worked with Anders from 2Dream, Rafael Chiamenti (freelance graphic designer), Rena Saiya (freelance manga artist), and Armen Mardirossian (character designer and illustrator) to develop these artworks.

As these projects develop more, we'll keep you up to date.

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