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Game concepts, we got plenty

Following the start of 2Dream, there's no time to rest. Anders and I spent the past month working on game concepts that we'll be developing in the near future, and boy was that productive.

We ended up with 5 game concepts right out of the bat. One of them we're adopting from Anders and Zebbe, "Starlight Fantasy". The others are brand new.

Keep in mind these are all working titles, here they are:

"Pirate Dreams" - Action/Platform "Starlight Fantasy" - Action/RPG "Fist" - Action/Side Scroller/Beat 'em Up

"Phantasia" - Action/Platformer

"Sci-Fi" - Action/Platformer/Run n' gun

These games are built with the 16-Bit feel in mind, and the initial target platforms are Dreamcast and modern consoles.

With this kind of productivity we feel like there's no limit to how many games we can create! These are really exciting times!

Let's build our dreams together!

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