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Dec 4, 2018

Dreamer engine to the public ?




I was wondering if a release of the dreamer engine would be feasible for the public ?


I would like to try to make some games for the dreamcast but the engines that are available at this time are not good enough in my opinion.


Thanks in advance ! ;)

Dec 4, 2018

Hi Ed. Thank you for contacting us.


Currently Dreamer is a commercial engine that we license for developers creating games, so there isn't a public version available.


Our licensing model is very flexible and I'll be happy to talk to you and learn more about your games.


Let me know if that sounds good.

All the best,


Dec 7, 2018

Thank you very much for your answer TulioAdriano. Unfortunately I'm just an amateur who wants to try to code little demos for the dreamcast, not big projects, at least not for the moment.


Therefore I have no intention of buying the engine, I didn't know it was a commercial one.


But considering the amount of work you guys have put into it, I totally understand that it's commercial only, and not open source or free.


Anyway thanks again for your answer and thank you for the cool games you and your associates make ! ;)


See ya !

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  • TulioAdriano
    Mar 19, 2017

    Here, feel free to discuss about the Dreamer game engine. For games, please visit the Released Games or Upcoming Games forums. The forum rules are quite simple. This is a friendly environment so avoid swearing, be polite, research existing topics before posting, and definitely no hate speech. Keep dreaming!